International Conference on “Children’s Life World in IRAN

The first conference on “Children’s Life World in IRAN” will be in August 2021 According to some new definitions, childhood is to be considered beyond the usual perception and the “present” and “future” of the children themselves. In this idea, children and adolescents are considered as a single and independent social group that is both influenced and influenced by social structures. However, the modern world is still overwhelmed by challenges, issues, and problems as well as prospects and opportunities that need to be studied and scrutinized seriously not from an adult perspective, but through a facilitative approach with the active participation of the children themselves. Modern developments in the economic, social, cultural, and political fields of Iranian society also has caused extensive transformations in the lives and various aspects of the children’s lives in this country. This new situation requires a new understanding and recognition of childhood as it also requires special policy as it is the general goal of this conference.

Institute of Culture, Art and Communication of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in collaboration with the Iranian Sociological Association and its Sociology of Childhood Studies Group, the University of Al-Zahra and its Children, Teenagers and Youth Studies Study Center, Social and Cultural Deputy of the Municipality of Tehran, National Authority for the Convention on the Rights of the Child, together with several other public and civic organizations and institutions hosts presentation of research findings that have addressed this important issue and concern about the well-being of children and all Iranian people.